CET Standard of the Month  

Standards 7 and 19: Employment

Preparing for one’s future vocation and being employed contributes greatly to the individuals’ quality of life and to their sense of inclusion and value within the community.
According to the Canada-Alberta Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities, there is an expectation for:

  • working-aged individuals to pursue employment as part of a normative life experience and to receive fair compensation
  • service providers to support individuals in whatever way necessary to achieve employment

The goal for many individuals is to participate in vocational or employment activities in community-based environments that:

  • are welcoming and inclusive
  • include peers with and without disabilities

Their goals may target:

  • vocational training
  • competitive employment
  • self-employment
  • volunteerism

The focus of these standards is to review:

  • the individuals’ transition plan as they progress from preparing for employment to being competitively employed
  • the employment support given to individuals so they can prepare for and participate in the labour market

These standards have three scenarios, each of which addresses the ways in which individuals can have productive lives through some involvement in vocational and/or employment activities. Ideally, there will be a natural progression through these scenarios as staff support individuals to become fully employed and as independent as possible. Staff and individuals can expect career and work options to move towards better outcomes and growth for the individuals.