CET Standard of the Month  

Standards 10 and 22: Health

These standards are about the individuals’ right to

  • be supported and assisted, to the extent required, to understand
    • their physical and mental health needs
    • the process for making decisions about their physical and mental health
  • be supported to follow recommendations and manage their physical and mental health
  • be informed about and access appropriate health interventions and health-related services
  • take prescribed medication, pro re nata (PRN) medication and over-the-counter remedies
  • achieve the best physical and mental health possible given their personal situations
  • be informed about their right to receive or decline physical and mental health assessments, treatments, and/or procedures

Individuals who self-administer their medication need to be aware of what they are taking and what to do in a medication emergency. Individuals who take PRN medication that influences behaviour must have planned restrictive procedures that follow the guidelines outlined in Standard 33.

In addition, a physician or pharmacist should regularly review all of the individuals’ prescription and non-prescription medication.

To give individuals the support they need, staff must:

  • take care of the individuals’ physical and mental health
  • have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the individuals’ specific physical and mental health needs
  • understand their role in finding, and their responsibility in following advice from various sources
  • ensure that medication is administered safely, whether individuals self-administer their medication or staff administer it
    • Staff who administer medication must have medication administration training
    • Staff who don’t have to administer medication must still be aware of the needs of individuals who take medication
  • know how to handle medication errors and incidents