The Day Alternatives Program offers comprehensive and cohesive services to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals accessing services choose activities that are offered mostly in the community and on site generally in a 1:3 ratio. The program operates out of a wheelchair accessible facility in S.E. Calgary. The facility serves as a meeting place for Individuals accessing services and staff to plan activities both long term and daily and as a “safe place” for days that specific Individuals cannot be in the community for various reasons. [due to behavioural concerns, and a center for group activities, courses, etc.]

Services are offered primarily between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. The primary intent of the service is to assist Individuals to develop skills, knowledge and resources needed to participate in the community as independently and fully as possible.

Supports offered by the program reflect individual circumstances and are tailored to specific areas of need. These supports may be short term (related to a specific task) or long term (to provide ongoing quality of life).

The primary areas of focus include:

  • General Education and Interest including some Recreation and Leisure
  • Employment preparation and Volunteering

The program will:

  • Assist individuals to identify needs
  • Develop individualized service plans with goals
  • Use “change facilitation strategies” to promote Individuals accessing services success