C.L.A.S. is an agency that helps you to find places to live, work and have fun. It helps families get support when they need it. It can also help you to have a say in things that matter to you. You must be 18 years old or older and a client of Calgary PDD to be in the program.

What does C.L.A.S. believe about people with disabilities?

C.L.A.S. believes that people with disabilities should be treated the same as anybody else.
We believe that you should be treated fairly and with respect and be able to plan what you would like to do. We think that you should pick who you want to do things with and when you want to do them.

What does C.L.A.S. do?

C.L.A.S. will help you and your family to make choices in your life such as:

  • Help you find a place to live or someone to live with
  • Help you make new friends
  • Help you to do new things such as cook, shop, clean your house and look after your own money and buy your own clothes
  • We can also help you find the right person to assist you
  • Help you make good choices so you won’t get hurt
  • Help you if others don’t treat you right
  • Help you to find a new doctor or dentist