The Agency provides staffed residential supports and day alternatives for adults in group/individualized rural and urban setting(s). The Residential Support Program provides 24 hour care to Individuals with developmental disabilities, including mental health issues, autistic tendencies and/or behavioural concerns. Individuals accessing services present with intense needs and require close supervision to monitor their personal safety and well-being.

Services provided within the program include a home environment. Individuals are engaged in varied on-site and community activities dependent upon their interests, ability and as identified through individual service plans. These plans are developed for each Individual in a team approach including the Individual, family/guardians, staff, relevant professionals and support networks. Focus of supports is primarily on addressing the Individuals needs for safety and participation in community access at their level of preparedness. As most of the Individuals in need of these services require supports beyond the capacity of traditional day programs, the program strives to provide meaningful day activities tailored to the Individuals capabilities.


The Complex Needs Program is designed to provide long term support to individuals who  have a developmental disability and have been identified as having complex needs, posing a significant risk to themselves, others or property. They require intensive services and have, or have had a history of one or more of the following diagnoses or life experiences:

  • A mental health disorder
  • Difficulty accessing appropriate supports and/or service termination(s)
  • Specialized treatment for psychiatric and/or behavioral issues
  • Multisystem involvement
  • Incarceration(s) or criminal justice involvement
  • Chronic substance abuse/dependence problems

Outcome Statements

  • Individuals will live in a safe and stable environment
  • Individuals will have a reduction in risky behaviors
  • Individuals will have valued relationships with others
  • Individuals will have access to the appropriate supports and care when needed

Success Indicators

  • 80% of positive change in goals related to individuals living in a safe and stable environment
  • 80% of positive change in goals related to a reduction in risky behaviors.
  • 80% of positive change in goals related to individuals having valued relationships.
  • 80% of positive change in goals related to individuals accessing appropriate supports and care when needed.

Measurement Tools

The Complex Needs Program will use a Goal Attainment Scale to measure the successful, partial or not successful attainment in the Individuals personal goals. The Complex Needs Program will administer a yearly Satisfaction Surveys based on the questions in the Personal Outcomes Index currently endorsed by Government of Alberta.